AC Generators Brushless




'AD' AC Generators consist of a rotor with a distributed winding, a stator with field coils mounted on poles. Rectifiers for series and shunt are used for excitation. The generator is self excited, self regulated.

The generator is designed, built and tested to comply with BS:2613/1970 for continuous duty to provide high performance at low cost. No commutator or D.C. Brush gears are employed. Standard generators are designed for 230V or 115/230V unity power factor for single phase generators and 415V unity power factor .8 or 3 phase generator. Other voltages can be considered; please refer to works.

We give chock coil transformer & booster transformer along with the alternator to make alternator work for all p.f. without overloading armature reluctance, the box is separately given or mounted on generator but we give separately for better life & durability.

3kVA to 6 kVA, 50 Hz 1 Ph, 1500 rpm
5kVA to 30kVA, 50 Hz 3 Ph, 1500 rpm
4kVA to 7.5 kVA, 60 Hz 1 Ph, 1800 rpm
5kVA to 30 kVA, 60 Hz 3 Ph, 1800 rpm  




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