PM Motors For Elevators)





EL+MO presents gearless machine for elevators powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Compact modular designs, light weight and low operating noise levels make it especially suitable for machine room-less applications. The motors are available in 18 and 24 poles.

Real saving in energy consumption (up to 30%), and in spa this is a gearless permanent magnet excited Synchronous machine, designed as an inner rotor motor. It offers all the benefits of a modern elevator machine: Simple and cost-effective installation, excellent controllability, lowest noise level and compact design. Due to the compact but not flat design, this ideal for all machine room less elevators with the machine in the shaft head. The patent application of these machines allows the construction of a machine room less elevator, where the machine is placed in the shaft head without any patent infringement.

Therefore these machines offer all possibilities for the elevator manufacturer and routine maintenance requirements, contribute to a significant reduction in cost of ownership. The gearless machine, configured with the various variable frequency drives available in the market


Salient features


Torque Strength from Permanent Magnets
90–95% Efficient
Compatible with Inverters to Control Speed
Requires Synchronous Flux Vector / Angle Control to Regulate / Modulate Torque
Supply Limited to Specialty Machine Builders
Not Suitable for High rpm Speed Geared Designs
Can Act Like a Generator
Low noise level
Guaranteed savings against the normal asynchronous motors
Low jerk levels and smooth rides
Easy to mount overhead
High precision due to presence of rotary encoders/ resolver
Can be operated by various VFDs for example: ABB (ACSMI), FRENIC- LIFT, ALTIVAR 71(SCHNIEDER ELECTRIC), GEFRAN, AND MANY MORE.






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