The EL+MO make permanent magnet wind generators are specially designed for the wind turbines and wind mills and come with various ratings suitable for the particular wind mills starting from 1000 watts onwards depending on capacity and sizes required by the customer.Alternatively, we are more than pleased to customize a design for the client to enable a perfect fit to their system requirements.




Low start up speed due to low cogging and resistive torque design due to high standard shaft material and its unmatched design. The generator comes in an easy to mount format and is available both in foot mounted as well as vertical designs.
Gearless, PERMANENT MAGNET (PM) direct drive, low RPM generator. The generator configuration is 3 phase star connected AC output.
High standard, quality components for use in harsh and extreme environments for wind turbines.
High efficiency and Low mechanical resistance energy loss.
Excellent heat dissipation due to the Aluminums alloys outer frame and special internal structure.
High strength from the specially design structure and fully heat treatment Aluminums.
Generator is designed using specially selected material and treated to resist corrosion and oxidation. The magnets used are NdFeb containing matter having magnetic temperature rating of 180 degrees.
Designed for reliable and long operational lifetime under long-term full output.
Designed for 20-year operation life.
Patent protected design.







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